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AIMeCAST for SALES enablement

Build a Winning Spirit

Team Building

Sales reps can create videos and podcasts that feature their colleagues talking about their experiences in the field. Content like this not only unlocks peer learning, but allows for better connection between team members.

Listen on the go

Sales reps can easily access content like podcasts from anywhere, even when they're on the go or between meetings.

Increase Team Communication

Reps can give each other feedback on their content and share encouraging content or congratulate success.

peer learning

Knowledge Shouldn’t Leave the Company When People Do

Turnover is an issue for a lot of sales teams, simply due to the nature of the work. A downside of that is experience leaving the company. We’ve set out to change that.

Our platform provides reps a safe place to share best practices and retain knowledge. Even after people have left.

multimedia content

Reps Would Rather Hear from Each Other

Give sales reps a voice by creating content series that revolve around them. Whether it's a podcast series that interviews sales reps, or a video that a manager recorded on his phone, you can unlock peer learning and provide a platform for reps to share their wins.

easily upload content

Upload Content from Your Phone in Minutes

Want to share a quick message with your team? No problem.

Record a quick video or voice message and upload it directly from your phone to the platform in minutes. Whether you're on the road or at home, send personalized messages is easier than ever.

“The main purpose for my podcast is to educate reps but also to bring them together and let them hear from each other. They’d rather hear from each other as opposed to somebody who doesn’t ‘carry the bag’”

Manager, North America Commercial Education
DePuy Synthes

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