AIMeCAST for internal communications

5-6x the Engagement of Email

Easily Find Content

No more digging through the company intranet for key files. Colleagues can find relevant content in seconds.

Training and Development

Deliver engaging training and communication content for colleagues to watch on their own time.

Expand Your Reach

Eliminate communication fatigue and engage your audience with customized content and relevant topics.

increase engagement

Boost Engagement With Increased Interactivity and Customized Content

Attach surveys and polls to your content and give people an opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions along the way. Chat features allow for additional interactivity and engagement throughout your communications.

Corporate communications

Build a Bridge Between Leadership and the Entire Organization

Why send an email when you can record the latest news and share it with the whole company, or just select departments.

Make sure your teams and company are aligned by easily creating multi-platform content and files for corporate strategies and vision.

Personalize your message so that everyone in your company has a better understanding of leadership and vision.

“When we build a bridge between central organization and all the branches [using AIMeCAST], the opportunity for us to gain insights from those who are closest to customers allows us to build better products."
Jasper Daniel

Senior Manager Global Strategic Marketing

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