AIMeCAST for customer engagement

An Efficient Way to Connect with Customers

Convenient for Customers

Create educational and promotional content that customers
can view whenever it’s convenient for them.

Measure Engagement

Generate analytics reports to know what content your customers are most interested in.

Customer Feedback

Attach surveys and polls to content and get valuable feedback from customers.

gain insight

Learn What Your Customers
Really Care About

With our platform’s analytics, you can know exactly what content each customer is watching, giving you insight into what products and services they’re most interested in. Armed with that knowledge you’ll be able to create better products that are informed by your most engaged customers.

Member portal

Better than an Email Newsletter

Why settle for an email list when you can build your community on your own, branded platform. Create a multimedia content hub where you customers can access the latest news, engage with one another, and give you valuable feedback through surveys, polls, and comments.

“The platform allows you to have more insightful communications the next time you meet with someone. You can tailor your information and communication a lot more specifically to what they’re looking for.”

Digital Marketing Manager
Johnson & Johnson

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