Use Cases

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Connect Teams & Share Knowledge

Share best practices among team members and divisions to elevate your workforce. Break down organizational silos with an innovative way to deliver information within teams and across teams through audio and video content.


Align goals, status updates, and priorities with a secure, on-demand multimedia podcasting solution.

Internal Communications

Your audience is hard to reach. They are on-the-go, remote, often in different time zones, and above all, have competing demands for their attention. How do you deliver messages that resonate?


On-demand multimedia content lets you engage them in the ways they know and like. Deliver video and audio news, messages from leadership, and updates from across the company. Live stream town halls and provide an easy-to-access archive. AIMeCAST connects your organization from top to bottom, with measurable metrics of effectiveness.


Sales Force Communications

Sales representatives are often overloaded with content, their inboxes are packed, and resources are scattered across multiple platforms. Even worse, they need mobile-friendly solutions for the field.


Private, multimedia podcasting leverages a natural medium for on-the-go learning. In addition to training materials, product updates, and strategies for success, it serves as a centralized hub linking to a range of other platforms and sites, even your existing LMS.

AIMeCAST enhances a winning culture by cutting straight to the chase and delivering training and team information effectively.

Human Resources

Seamlessly manage employee onboarding and distribute important information all within one central hub. A multimedia podcasting engine helps you optimize the hiring process and educate employees on company policies and updates.

From onboarding to required training to annual benefits updates, our multimedia platform is the perfect solution to deliver the information your employees need in a format they will actually like.


Customer Engagement

Your product or service may not be enough to set you apart in a crowded field. Curated multimedia libraries deliver value to your customers and elevate your brand beyond your obvious product offerings.


Build communities with your customers and stakeholders, provide product resources, video how-to guides, and manuals, and engage them with educational programming that builds loyalty.


Increase engagement and stay connected beyond campus, with on-demand multimedia communications. University administration, professors, students, and alumni can now communicate and interact in a centralized platform.


Students demand a mobile experience, professors need a way to share and learn from each other, alumni want to stay in the loop, and the administration needs to get messages out to everyone. AIMeCAST tackles these challenges and more, for both virtual and on-campus audiences.


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