What is a data driven Multimedia Podcast?







Live Polls

Connect and Engage Your Community

Multimedia Hub

Engage audiences with a robust ecosystem of content—video, audio, PDFs, images, LMS e-learning modules, surveys, quizzes, and links to other platforms and websites.


On-Demand Access 

Take your message beyond video calls and webinars, streaming content on-demand, anytime. Or enable secure offline access with total control and the ability to update or remove content.

News & Notifications

Curate a custom news screen for your organization to post announcements, link to content or websites, and post articles, with the power to tailor news for each user. Send notifications when new episodes are available or custom messages.



Customized leaderboards for each team or company-wide to encourage engagement and motivate audiences with healthy competition.


Unlock Insights from Your Community

Robust Analytics

Assess engagement and effectiveness of your content through in-depth analytics, in our powerful dashboard or integrated with third-party programs. Aggregate metrics across entire channels, drill down to individual episodes, and track user progress for compliance and required training.

User-Generated Content and Collaboration

Authorize users to collaborate and upload episodes directly from their phones to unlock peer learning.

Sharing & Discussion

Securely share links to content and view in the apps or on the web. Drive discussion forums and Q&A for each episode.

Surveys, Quizzes, and Live Polls

Create and distribute surveys, quizzes, and live polls to solicit feedback and ideas from across the organization, test knowledge, and learn about your audience.


Securely Manage Your Community

Simple, Intuitive Content Management

Easily upload and organize episodes. Schedule publication or even expiration of episodes.

Your Own Branded Apps

Upload once and distribute everywhere with your own iOS, Android, and Web Apps, completely branded for your organization.


Scalable for the Entire Organization

Customize content structures for your organization and for each use case. Scale flexibly, from corporate communications to individual teams.

Enterprise Security

Designed for enterprises to maximize data protection and control. Single sign-on integration with your organization’s login system, controlling access to each piece of content, and the ability to revoke access or remove content with the flick of a switch.


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