Sales Force Communications

AIMeCAST is designed to reach on-the-go audiences, just like your sales force. With demonstrated success engaging sales reps through private multimedia podcasting, we make it easy to leverage this natural medium for training, resources, and updates.

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Share Insights & Best Practices

Surface insights, ideas, and knowledge from within your organization to collect actionable intelligence—share best practices, improve products and services, and elevate customer experiences. Sales reps are often in the field. Multimedia podcasting enables you to give them the info they need to maximize their effectiveness.


Share the customer perspective so the sales force can address customers more effectively. Conduct interviews with customers themselves or reps with relevant insights, and make these available on-demand for the field force’s benefit.


Hear from engineering teams to understand design choices and comparisons to competitor products so your sales force is armed with all the answers.


Improve products and services with a pipeline of ideas and observations flowing from the field reps to the home office. Aggregate this feedback through surveys and discussion inside the AIMeCAST platform.

Deliver Training Content

Consolidate training materials in a central portal and revamp your training strategy by unleashing on-demand multimedia content. From product videos to private podcasts for your team to hear the latest product updates, this engaging form of learning is ideal for an on-the-go audience.

Distribute audio talking points. Reps can listen and repeat while they travel among appointments.

Link to learning management systems and e-learning modules. Take advantage of your existing investments in IT by integrating with them to create a streamlined learning environment or open e-learning modules directly within the AIMeCAST platform.

Track completion rates to ensure required training is done.

Always Up to Date with the Latest Content

Make sure your teams are working with the latest materials. With AIMeCAST you can easily pull back out-of-date resources and replace them with updated versions. Schedule content to expire and be removed at a specified date and time or manually inactivate it at any point.


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