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Building a sense of community within a giant enterprise is harder than ever.  Enterprises that use AIMeCAST have experienced greater overall performance through improved knowledge sharing and collaboration. With AIMeCAST, employees can create business critical content and deliver it all through customizable channels.
white label solution

A Secure, Branded App
Tailored to Your Enterprise

We white label our platform so that it integrates seamlessly with your brand.  People can access the platform on a mobile app or a desktop app.

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intuitive organization

Organization You're
Familiar With

Whether it’s a video, an audio recording, or a PDF, any individual piece of content is categorized as an Episode. Episodes are organized into Series. Series are organized under Channels.

With such a simple organization method, the possibilities are endless. Each team or department can have their own Channel. You can create temporary Series to highlight campaigns going on in the organization. You can even create Series surrounding specific topics or types of content.

The best part is, our platform has a search feature that helps you find the exact piece of content you’re looking for in seconds.

multimedia content

Production Costs Start at Zero

No need for fancy cameras or expensive mikes.  Record a quick video of yourself giving an update to the team, and publish it minutes later.  Or even interview a colleague via a Zoom chat and publish the audio recording.

robust analytics

Gain Insights that Help
Improve Your Content


Track how many people are viewing your content

Engagement Time

See if people are listening to your
content all the way through or dropping off early


Keep track of user growth over time

New Users

As time passes, you’ll find that more and more people use the platform


Attach polls to any piece of content to collect feedback


Get valuable commentary from your colleagues that can help you improve content

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