Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones is a Clinical Nurse Educator.  Through her transformational leadership style, Jones is known for collaborating with inter-professional teams to develop learning organizations. One example is the implementation of the LOTUS Inter-professional ICU Bedside Rounding Tool, which resulted in positive patient outcomes of earlier extubations and decreased ICU length of stay. As a DNP candidate at Thomas Edison State University, Jones is invested in continuously updating policies and protocols to support evidence-based best practices in nursing and person-centered care.

In an adult medical intensive care unit, an inter-professional team shares a vision to support a patient and family-centered care model. In this study, a rounding tool was created to capture patient stories to address social determinants and work toward realistic and achievable goals at the point of care: the patient’s bedside. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this model was challenged, as a no visitation policy was in place. A nurse champion was utilized to observe rounds and provide video conferencing with patients and families to sustain the model.

During the crisis, communication varied daily causing stress for the nursing staff. Natalie partnered with AIMeCast for this project to create a solution that improves communication and morale across the nursing community.


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