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Integrating Podcasting into Your Company’s Communications 

Denali Sagner
3 minutes

In the world of Zoom meetings and remote work, communications are more important than ever. Here’s how podcasting can help elevate your company’s communications and build connections throughout your organization. 

Connecting your leadership with the rest of your team 

Your executive team is your company’s top source of guidance through these unprecedented times. Leadership team members are responsible for setting company goals, fostering corporate culture, and responding to crises, internal and external. But how can your employees rely on a leadership team they barely know? Through podcasting, each of your company’s executives can introduce themselves and share knowledge with your organization. Podcasts allow you to hear directly from your leaders, creating a personal connection in a disconnected time. 

Announcing company policy changes

For organizations big and small, making changes to company policy requires communication. New dress codes, retirement plans, and office security policies, to name a few, need to be shared in a clear and timely manner. But in a world where employees are scattered, how can you get the word out? Emails get ignored or sent to the trash and Zoom calls can drag on for hours, with dwindling participant attentiveness. Podcasts are on-demand and to-the-point, allowing your employees to get the information they need, on their own time. Interactive modules can even allow you to assess employee knowledge on new policies and field important clarifying questions. 

Responding to current events

There’s no doubt that current events impact your organization. Whether you’re a financial services company, a healthcare center, or a university, your business model is impacted by changes in the world around you. Whether it be a consequential Supreme Court ruling or a natural disaster, your employees look to you to guide them through changes. Podcasting allows your leadership to get out in front of major events, signaling to your team what they mean for your organization. Employees can pick up a podcast anywhere, any time, and stay updated on their role in the changing world. 

Answering important questions 

Now, more than ever, your team has questions. When will offices open again? When will workers like me receive a coronavirus vaccine? How can I stay in touch with the rest of my team while working at home? Interactive modules in AIMeCAST’s podcasting software give your employees a forum to ask questions and give you a space to answer them. Podcasting creates direct communication without red tape, making your organization’s policy decisions clear. 

Sending out greetings 

Despite the chaos of 2020, there is still much for your company to celebrate. New promotions, company awards, and national holidays give your team an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and take well-deserved time off. Your leadership can send out congratulations to newly promoted employees, express gratitude for your organization’s hard work, and even individually congratulate employees through podcast messaging. Podcasting is personal, fostering a sense of connection, even across space and time. 


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