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Healthcare Workers and Podcasting in the Age of COVID-19

Denali Sagner
January 31, 2021
3 minutes

Key Takeaways:

  1. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our communities, effective communication is critical in keeping hospitals running.
  2. Using a multimedia podcasting hub, your healthcare center can easily share schedules, memos, and policy changes with your team.
  3. Offering a library of health and wellness material will keep your employees at their best, even in the midst of a crisis. Mindfulness, exercise, sleep, and healthy eating tips can all be shared through podcasts.
  4. The way our healthcare workers care for patients has changed drastically in the past year. Keep your team up to date on the newest care procedures with interactive training.
  5. Podcasting solves problems of inefficiency and miscommunication, making sure healthcare systems everywhere can connection with their doctors, nurses, and staff members to ensure top patient care.

For our healthcare heroes, it’s undeniable that the past ten months have been trying. COVID-19 cases are through the roof and hospital workers everywhere are overwhelmed. Despite the beginnings of a promising vaccine rollout process, the world must continue to battle COVID-19 moving into 2021. For healthcare centers and their employees, effective communication is more important than ever before. Here’s how podcasting can improve communication for healthcare workers everywhere. 

Policy Changes 

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, so too do our health and safety procedures. But for doctors, nurses, administrators, and other employees bustling from shift to shift, it may be difficult to keep up with these changes. From how many employees can eat in the break room at the once to which sanitizers should be used on every surface, AIMeCAST’s podcasting platform allows your organization to store all key COVID-19 policies in one, easy-to-access hub. Save your employees the tedious task of sifting through emails. With AIMeCAST’s multimedia hub, you can now link schedules, memos, policies, and online drives to your own custom app.

Health and Wellness Tips

Meditation, healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep are all critical to a healthy and productive life. However, as doctors, nurses, technicians, and others work to keep us healthy every day, their own wellness often gets pushed to the side. With podcasting, your organization can offer wellness exercises and tips with just one click. Through AIMeCAST, your company can set up a wellness podcasting channel, giving your employees access to top health and wellness information. Share stretches you can do in between rounds, the easiest healthy dinners to pack for a night shift, and meditation exercises to help you get through stressful times. When each and every employee is practicing wellness, your system as a whole can run smoothly. 

Training and Procedure

The rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 has meant the introduction of new policies to follow with testing, contact tracing, and treatment. Hospital employees have had to master how to screen a patient for symptoms over the phone, work within social distancing safety guidelines, and administer new medical treatments as federal guidelines continue to change. As our hospitals are busier than ever, there’s little time to sit down and train workers on policy changes. With a multimedia podcasting hub, videos, PDFs, and audio clips with COVID-19 practices and procedures can be made easily available. With interactive modules, you can even quiz your employees on material, ensuring they are completing required training. As the guidelines change, don’t fall behind. Train your employees on their own time with multimedia podcasting. 

There’s no telling when life will be back to normal. Our world is changing rapidly, with new guidelines, medical discoveries, and news stories breaking each day. As our healthcare workers keep us safe during this time, they deserve the fastest communication. Podcasting solves problems of inefficiency and miscommunication, making sure our hospitals are doing their best. Try AIMeCAST to see how your healthcare center can improve your communication and efficiency today. 


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