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Focus on Employee Health and Wellbeing this Winter

Denali Sagner
January 20, 2021
3 minutes

Key takeaways:

  1. In addition to the normal difficulties of winter, COVID-19 has put additional strains on workers’ mental and physical health. 
  2. Taking a break from Zoom calls and switching to podcasting will help your employees avoid “Zoom fatigue,” while still getting the information they need. 
  3. Storing your organization’s healthcare information in one, easy-to-find hub is important for employee access. 
  4. Offering additional wellness resources will give your employees inspiration on how to stay fit and mentally well. 
  5. Maintaining a personal connection with employees, even remotely, is important in making sure mental health is a priority at your workplace. 

The new year comes with exciting new changes, but it also means the end of winter is still months away. In addition to battling the typical seasonal blues, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made this a challenging season for all. Here are a few ways companies can prioritize employee’s physical and mental health in the coming months. 

Take a break from Zoom

In the remote workplace, a Zoom call may seem like the easiest way to connect your team. Video conferencing is a helpful medium for brainstorming, keeping in touch, and making announcements. However, Zoom fatigue is an all-too-familiar feeling, with nearly 40% of workers saying they’ve experienced the phenomenon since the beginning of the pandemic. Utilizing on-demand content will allow your employees to access information on their own time and at their own pace. Corporate podcasting is the easiest way to share content that is usually relayed during lengthy video meetings. Integrating podcasting into your company’s internal communications strategy will give your employees a break from the screen, helping to ward off anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. 

Provide clear answers to healthcare questions 

In the world of COVID-19, many employees are concerned about how to keep themselves healthy, and how their workplace can help them if they fall ill. AIMeCAST’s multimedia podcasting software can help your company create a health and benefits hub, where your Human Resources department can store all necessary health information. Rather than sift through stacks of paperwork or old emails, AIMeCAST’s software allows employees to easily find the material they need. Open enrollment and benefits information, along with company COVID-19 procedures, can all be shared through podcasting. With interactive modules, employees can even ask questions and receive answers, all through AIMeCAST’s hub. 

Offer wellness resources 

With the many uncertainties facing our world right now, taking small wellness steps can make big differences in our day-to-day lives. Meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, exercise, and sleep are all key components to a balanced work week. Through AIMeCAST’s software, your company can set up a wellness podcasting channel, complete with episodes on everything from how to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life to small physical exercises you can do at your desk. Making interesting wellness content accessible through on-demand podcasting will not just give your employees the option to engage in healthy behaviors, but will encourage them to do so. 

Keep tabs and check in 

With remote work, the workday seems like an endless stream of online communication. Emails, texts, pings, and Zoom invitations clutter up our inboxes on the daily. However, despite all of this communication, it’s all too easy to feel disconnected. 20% of remote workers report feeling lonely in their daily life. Making time to check in with your employees one-on-one will help them feel appreciated and give them a place to voice concerns. Planning team events will foster a sense of community, helping to stave off the isolation that can come with working from home. Community is key in promoting wellness, and your team leaders play an important role in making it a reality. 

As we continue into this winter, there’s no reason to put health and wellness on the backburner. Through communication, resources, and podcasting, your company can help your employees stay motivated and well in the months to come. Reach out to AIMeCAST today to see how podcasting can be integrated into your communications and wellness strategy. 


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