Dan Alpern

Dan is a Marketing Director, Voice Over artist, proud Navy veteran, loving dog father and husband, grateful cancer survivor, and so much more!

Raised in Hollywood, CA it was a small step into the business of media. Working in the industry since the days when cut and paste meant scissors and glue and recordings were on tape! He’s worked in television, radio, and magazines for companies like Clear Channel, SPIN, and Conde Nast, and for start-ups launching environmental and pop culture magazines.

Proud to currently be serving as an Oxnard Ambassador supporting the Military, Education, and Community at large in his adopted home of Port Hueneme, CA. Past volunteer time includes Community Resource Development Council, US Sailing, and frequent speaking engagements at conferences for students and professionals in the media industry.

Dan talks about effective internal corporate communication and the new technologies like AIMeCAST that are making headways and bringing people closer together.


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