Internal Comm.

Closing the Communication Gap in Organizations

Podcasts have been around for a while and the reliance on them for personal or casual entertainment continues to rise. What's not to like about podcasts? A listener can subscribe to a channel, receive their content of choice and listen to it from just about anywhere inthe world, at any time. They can even get recommendations for other podcasts based on their listening habits and interests. There's no need to waste time rifling through topics, categories and creators that aren't of interest, and listeners can tune in from just about any device they own.

What's become more interesting but somehow 100% logical, is the adoption of podcasting by corporations and organizations that have no intentions of dabbling in true crime, fashion, rockn' roll or political content for its listeners.

Relying on email, videoconferencing and even face-to-face meetings seems to have either lost some luster for the majority of information thirsty employees- or it's all become overused mental fatigue-inducing channels of communication, where the message is almost bound to fall flat.

AIMeCAST recently sat down with a Director of Global Commercial Strategy at Johnson & Johnson to discuss their journey and experience with corporate podcasting.


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