Corey Kupfer

October 14, 2020

In this episode of WHY THEY LISTEN - we learn from visionary Leader, strategist, negotiator and deal-maker Corey Kupfer.

A business owner from age 15, attorney Corey Kupfer has represented, trained and mentored thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to create leaps in their business growth.

He now offers that same expertise through his company  DealQuest™ and as host of his podcast show of the same name.

Why do some companies grow by leaps and bounds while others only inch forward? Simple. They embrace deal-driven growth in addition to organic growth!

The DealQuest podcast is where you learn how to strategize, prepare for, find,
and complete deals to grow your company faster.

Listen in as host Corey Kupfer shares an inside look at his amazing platform and how he's created a specific place where deal makers can openly share the secret to deals they have done (or failed to do) and the issues, opportunities, benefits, pitfalls and lessons learned.

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