Allan Houston

October 21, 2020

Two-time NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and Philanthropist Allan Houston is featured on "WHY THEY LISTEN".  Allan founded FISLL - a social impact brand providing leadership training, legacy development and consumer products. FISLL exists to engage, equip and inspire people to Live Better, Perform Better, and Lead Better.

FISLL actuates 5 essential values of Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership, & Legacy as language to promote healthy mind, body and spirit.

Listen in as Allan shares the focus of how The FISLL brand; FISLL's media channels and digital learning platform, publications, podcasts, virtual events and the FISLL mobile app; FISLL’s merchandising division are all engaging and empowering its users.

Through the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation (AHLF) - a multi-dimensional organization created to work with any individual, program, business, or institution that serves the community. AHLF manages The FISLL Project (TFP) which serves as its signature social impact arm. The FISLL Project focuses on Youth Voice and Leadership cultivation, combining the model of leadership teaching and restorative behavioral science with mentorship, character development, media content, events, and programming.

In this episode, you'll learn why everyone should listen to the Allan and the initiatives around the FISLL project.  

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