Steve Rimland

founder/chief executive officer

Steve Rimland is a visionary who began his career as a classically trained pianist and composer studying at Julliard Prep and the famed Eastman School of Music. He has spent his life creating content that connects us together. He achieved early success in the music industry as a Keyboard player who’s played on over 300 of the world’s top Artists Albums, a Songwriter signed by Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel who’s authored several hit songs, a Producer with many Grammy Award winning artists, and an artist himself with his group Enchanted on Sony/BMG records. Steve has a passion for redefining the way we interact. This led Steve to develop marketing and communication tools to better connect artists with their fans.

As Head of New Media and Digital at BMG, Steve pioneered the Enhanced CD Technology for the music industry. He opened up hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue streams by partnering with technology companies for artists and labels. His most famous Enhanced CD was the Wu Tang Forever CD which sold over 5 million albums and generated over $150 million Dollars.

Jimmy Iovine recruited Steve to lead new media and digital at Interscope Records/Universal Music Group. Steve’s vision led the music industry to embrace and support music on Apple’s iTunes which went onto inspire major advertising campaigns promoting artists such as Eminem and U2 inside Apple’s first release of the iPOD. Steve has been involved with several successful exits namely which sold to Discovery Networks for $250 million and Mark Cuban’s which sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion.  

Because of Steve’s  impact across many industries, he  has been called upon to consult with various corporations throughout his career namely AT&T, Verizon, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google. Steve is now incorporating his admiration and understanding for the healthcare and wellness industries by redefining knowledge management and user absorption through mobile communications with large enterprises. His work in the industry has yielded a more connective, collaborative, healthy, efficient, and engaging way to share ideas, and best practices in some of the world’s leading organizations.

Our Leadership

At AIMeCAST, our mission is simple: empowering you to engage your audience more effectively.

We think information should be easy to access, easy to consume, and relevant to the viewer. Whether your focus is training, internal communications, sales enablement, or customer engagement, our team and our platform are ready to help you drive success.

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Our Advisory Board

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