Richard Zemsky

chief operating officer/chief product officer

Richard Zemsky is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer who leads AIMeCAST’s product development, customer success and support program, and heads the company’s strategic technology partnerships. He is both an engineer and attorney by training with extensive expertise running early-stage companies. His software development experience has centered on data visualization for fluid dynamics, oceanographic data sets and social-focused travel itineraries and recommendations. Richard co-founded a biotech startup changing how mental health issues are diagnosed and treated.

Our Leadership

At AIMeCAST, our mission is simple: empowering you to engage your audience more effectively.

We think information should be easy to access, easy to consume, and relevant to the viewer. Whether your focus is training, internal communications, sales enablement, or customer engagement, our team and our platform are ready to help you drive success.

Steve Rimland

founder/chief executive officer

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Ryan Richards

chief marketing officer

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Mark Joncich

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matan Arazi

chief technology officer

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Ofir Zohar

chief innovation officer

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Victoria Poor

senior director of marketing

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Lou Diamond

Chief Voice & Engagement Officer

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Our Advisory Board

David Falk

founder of f.a.m.e.

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Bob Pearson

ceo of the bliss group

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Jeff Weisz, MD

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cofounder of medycus

Michel Paul

Fmr. president of johnson & johnson's global strategic customer solutions

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