Lou Diamond

chief voice and engagement officer

Lou Diamond is Head of Content Engagement at AIMeCAST and works with our customers and leading organizations to help them increase and improve engagement strategies. For over 25 years he has been a top sales performer, keynote speaker and performance mentor helping businesses, top performers and brands thrive through the power of connecting. As the CEO of Thrive he has helped hundreds of organizations to shatter sales goals, retain clients and build a thriving culture. He is the best-selling author of “Master the Art of Connecting" and is a top-rated podcast host of numerous programs - most notably, Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond, and Why They Listen a podcast powered by AIMeCAST.

Our Leadership

The AIMeCAST Leadership Team and Advisory Board Members are exceptional visionaries and influencers in the business and technology worlds.  Their contribution of expertise and leadership will ensure that AIMeCAST remains the pioneer of organizational performance through improved communications, training, collaboration and engagement.

Steve Rimland

founder/chief executive officer

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Richard Zemsky

chief operating officer/chief product officer

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Ryan Richards

chief marketing officer

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Mark Joncich

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matan Arazi

chief technology officer

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Ofir Zohar

chief innovation officer

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Victoria Poor

senior director of marketing

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Our Advisory Board

David Falk

founder of f.a.m.e.

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Bob Pearson

ceo of the bliss group

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Jeff Weisz, MD

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cofounder of medycus

Michel Paul

Fmr. president of johnson & johnson's global strategic customer solutions

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