Dr. Jeff Weisz


Dr Jeff Weisz is a life-long physician with a notable career that achieved international acclaim in driving science-backed, evidence-based approaches to physical and emotional preventative wellness throughout the Kaiser Permanente organization. Jeff led Kaiser for a total of 12 years as its Executive Medical Director in California and Oregon, serving approximately 6 million patients with over 3,500 doctors, over 120 hospitals and clinics, and budgets of over $7 billion dollars. One of Jeff’s most important leadership accomplishments is Kaiser’s highly successful preventative wellness program that achieved over 25% cost improvement. This program was recognized at an in-person meeting with President Clinton and was based on a pragmatic approach to comprehensive physical and emotional wellness. Kaiser received additional national accolades for this program. Kaiser's annual wellness conference is named after Jeff and is focused on experiential and information learning. Jeff retired from Kaiser at the end of 2015, at which point he consulted for various state-side and international organizations regarding the creation and optimization of large health care practices. In 2017, Jeff co-founded Medycus, a high-tech startup with a mission to take his vision of preventative health previously recognized at Kaiser and integrate it with mobile devices and apps. He brings his wellness expertise to his role as strategic partner at AIMeCAST. In his Advisory role, Jeff will continue to advance the improvement and quality of healthcare communication, wellness and best practices to AIMeCAST’s mission, strategies, and customers.

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