David Falk

Founder of f.a.m.e.

David Falk, the founder of F.A.M.E. (Falk Associates Management Enterprises), has long been recognized as one of the sports industry’s leading figures and most talented innovators. He negotiated Michael Jordan’s one-year $30 million contract in 1996, the highest salary in NBA history for the next 16 years. He also negotiated Michael Jordan’s ground-breaking deal with Nike, which is the most successful endorsement relationship in history, and in the process coined the nickname “Air Jordan.” Falk crossed over into entertainment as he executive produced the Ivan Reitman/Warner Bros. feature Space Jam, Michael Jordan’s first film, teaming Jordan with the Looney Tunes in an intergalactic basketball showdown. In 2000, he executive produced Michael Jordan to the Max, the critically acclaimed large format feature on the NBA legend. Falk has been credited as sports marketing’s leading innovator and ranked #2, in Basketball Digest survey of the most influential people in basketball. Falk negotiated the highest contracts in NBA league history for Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks and Danny Ferry of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He negotiated professional sports’ first $100 million contract in 1996 for Alonzo Mourning as part of an unprecedented free agency period in which FAME changed the entire salary structure of the NBA, negotiating over $400 million in contracts for its free agent clients in a six-day period.
Falk sold FAME to SFX Entertainment, serving on SFX’s Board of Directors and in the Office of the Chairman. As Chairman of SFX Sports Group, Falk oversaw the acquisition of a dozen sports agencies that enabled SFX to represent approximately 20% of MLB and NBA players. Falk is an investor and strategic advisor to Consumable, a digital advertising company; Omega, a real estate company; Ostendo, an innovative technology, and Block Six Analytics; a sponsorship solutions data-driven analytics platform. Because of David’s impact and influence in the sports and business industries, the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University was established, followed by the Falk Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship at George Washington University Law School. He brings a wealth of negotiation and business expertise to AIMeCAST’s vision and goals.

Our Leadership

The AIMeCAST Leadership Team and Advisory Board Members are exceptional visionaries and influencers in the business and technology worlds.  Their contribution of expertise and leadership will ensure that AIMeCAST remains the pioneer of organizational performance through improved communications, training, collaboration and engagement.

Steve Rimland

founder/chief executive officer

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Richard Zemsky

chief operating officer/chief product officer

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Ryan Richards

chief marketing officer

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Mark Joncich

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matan Arazi

chief technology officer

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Ofir Zohar

chief innovation officer

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Victoria Poor

senior director of marketing

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Lou Diamond

Chief Voice & Engagement Officer

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Our Advisory Board

Bob Pearson

ceo of the bliss group

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Jeff Weisz, MD

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cofounder of medycus

Michel Paul

Fmr. president of johnson & johnson's global strategic customer solutions

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