Internal Communications

We understand the challenges you face, and we’ve developed features and strategies proven to boost engagement and resonate with your audience. Your audience has limited bandwidth, but AIMeCAST can help you reach them in a meaningful way.

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Multimedia News

Share updates and news from across the organization in a mobile-friendly on-demand medium your audience will embrace.

The delivery of news is changing. Capitalize on the latest trends with a curated combination of announcements, articles, video and audio messages, and digital fliers.

Make sure your message is heard. Feature content front and center, advertise your latest internal events, and integrate with existing communications channels, such as your newsletter or Intranet.

Target content to each sector of your employee population to provide a tailored experience.

Messages from Leadership

Deliver authentic, engaging messages from leadership to inform, motivate, and unite the organization around its mission. Transform your “Message from the CEO” newsletter into a series of effective video or audio casts.

Corporate Podcasting

News and Education are in the top three consumer podcast genres. Unleash this growing form of learning to securely share news, project updates, and company initiatives. Interview leadership, employees, and even customers to share their perspectives, connect the company, and provide employee recognition.

Multimedia podcasting goes beyond audio.

Meetings, Calls, & Webinars

Our workforce is increasingly global and virtual, and schedules and time zones are often difficult to align. Expand the reach of meetings, calls, webinars, and town halls with an on-demand archive, available anytime and anywhere.

Live stream events or direct users to a live stream on your intranet or preferred live platform.

Corporate Values & Culture

Foster a connected community, inform employees about outreach and philanthropy programs and align on the company mission and values. Promote company events, provide updates, and empower employee resource groups.

Learn about Your Audience Through Analytics

Learn what your audience cares about and how they engage with your content. Get meaningful insights into popular topics and how to produce content that captivates.

Details on the AIMeCAST Analytics


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