Human Resources

Every organization knows the key to building a great brand and company is the people behind it. How can you provide necessary resources and information so your people can find and use them without frustration and without wasting your own team’s time? An AIMeCAST on-demand multimedia portal can provide this content in an engaging format and can serve as a centralized hub for resources and platforms already available to your employees.


Whether employees are in an office, remote, or non-desk workers, AIMeCAST lets you reach them and provide easy access to all the content they need.

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Training and Compliance

Administer training programs for new employees as well as annual trainings and compliance courses. From sexual harassment workshops to IT safety, make sure your trainings resonate with engaging multimedia content.

Integrate with Learning Management Systems to foster an interactive experience.

Track completion to ensure full compliance and follow up with those who did not start or finish.

Quizzes can be tied to specific content to test understanding after modules are complete.

Benefits Information

Streamline presentation of annual benefits information, such as updates to health insurance policies. Avoid repeating the same information multiple times by providing on-demand resources that users can view at their convenience.


Link to insurance provider websites and login portals so employees get the correct information straight from the source.


Implement a Q&A pipeline to address questions efficiently.

Employee Onboarding

Deliver onboarding materials, such as employee handbooks, in a central location that can be accessed anytime. Bring content to life and provide a more personalized onboarding experience featuring a welcome video from the CEO and other presentations from key team members, all available on-demand for efficiency.

Direct new employees to documents and web forms that they must fill out to get started.

Hub for Employee Resources

Do your employees ever have trouble finding HR info? Is the information already on your intranet, but they never seem to look there? Give them a mobile-friendly hub to open these resources, no matter where the resources reside. Link to your intranet as well as other platforms and sites to point employees to the exact content they need when they need it.

Professional Development

Promote employee growth with on-demand resources to teach new skills and provide advice. Offer courses and seminars, which you can live stream and archive for access anytime.


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