In an unprecedented learning environment, colleges must innovate in order to bring value to their stakeholders. Multimedia podcasting keeps the university community connected and informed.


Messages from the Administration

Emails and digital newsletters often fail to capture your audience’s attention. People are busy, inboxes are flooded, and almost nobody’s going to your website for regular updates. With multimedia podcasting, AIMeCAST empowers you to deliver targeted audio and video content right to your audience’s fingertips to help ensure your messages are heard.

The administration can share updates with the entire university community or select populations, such as professors or department heads. On-demand content offers seamless delivery of these messages without large video calls or webinars that conflict with hundreds of individual schedules.

Enhance Virtual Learning

Private podcasts provide an engaging medium for learning through interviews, storytelling, and even lectures, secured so only designated audiences such as specific classes can tune in. Professors can invite alumni and guests from industry to share their experiences and advice with the class, adding practical and real-world dimensions to supplement classroom learnings.

Connect the Campus, Even When Off Campus

Drive discourse and a culture of sharing through on-demand multimedia content. Give professors a forum to share updates, techniques, and best practices with each other.

Enhance virtual office hours. Connect students with each other and with professors. Students can submit questions for virtual office hours, professors can hold those office hours via live video calls, and these sessions can be archived for the entire class to watch, all in a single platform

The Mobile Solution Your Students Demand

Your student body lives in an unprecedented era of mobile connectivity and on-demand information. They learn through their devices and communicate through them, on their own time and on the go. AIMeCAST lets your faculty and administration reach students in the ways they want to be reached so everyone stays better connected and better informed.

Increase Alumni Engagement

Alumni donations are one of the most important pillars of a successful university. Give alumni a virtual destination to engage with their alma mater. Deliver updates from campus, highlight research and projects by professors and students, and show sports highlights and behind-the-scenes footage so alumni continue to feel like a part of the university.

Connect local alumni chapters. Advertise upcoming events, process registrations, share photos and videos from events, and provide a place for discussion among members.


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