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Target the Right Customers

“The efficiency of our communication was amplified exponentially...It was so much easier to target customers that were driving business and interested in growing. It was there right in front of us.”

Hamish Thrum

Digital Marketing Manager
Johnson & Johnson

Bring Colleagues Together

“The main purpose for my podcast is to educate reps but also to bring them together and let them hear from each other. They’d rather hear from each other as opposed to somebody who doesn’t ‘carry the bag’”

Rae Inafuku

Manager, North America Commercial Education
DePuy Synthes

Share Experiences

"Reps have a platform to engage and talk to each other and share experiences on a much faster basis than before...Having a live conversation with a rep is more of a personal touch vs just reading an email. The interviews start with personal touch points so you connect more through the podcast vs before when it was very formal.”

Bassem Georges

Senior Manager, Worldwide Commercial Education
DePuy Synthes

A Bridge Between Departments

“When we build a bridge between central organization and all the branches [using AIMeCAST], the opportunity for us to gain insights from those who are closest to customers allows us to build better products.

Jasper Daniel

Senior Manager Global Strategic Marketing