Customer Engagement

How do you deliver value beyond your products and services? How do you set your brand apart from competitors? Curated multimedia content unlocks a range of opportunities to do just that.

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Customer Education & Customer Support Resources

Provide product resources, video how-to guides, and user manuals, all in one place. Customers will appreciate a hub that leverages multimedia content to answer their questions, and your team will appreciate the ease of organizing and updating these materials.

Take the engagement to the next level with educational programming, designed to build loyalty, demonstrate your expertise, and keep customers returning. Fortune 500 healthcare companies trust AIMeCAST to deliver their educational programs across a range of specialties for healthcare providers globally, strengthening their brand awareness and perception. From live webinars to on-demand courses, AIMeCAST delivers the content that brings the customers to you.

Build Community

Unite customers and prospective customers, fostering a community around common goals and interests. Provide relevant resources and an opportunity for others to share, elevating your brand and cultivating customer loyalty in the process.

Members Portal

Deliver members-only content easily. Offer a members app or enhance your website with a members area powered by AIMeCAST. No need to build an app from scratch or rely on web developers to build a members login system or for content updates. Our platform lets you easily upload, organize, and distribute a variety of multimedia content for your organization’s members—perfect for nonprofit and for-profit membership programs. Invite your customers, donors, and other stakeholders to a portal of featured content offered just for them.

Augment In-Person Experiences

QR codes launch content on the AIMeCAST platform so you enhance in-person experiences, exhibits, and events with videos, maps, pictures, and more. From conference booths to concerts to museums, you can now provide an integrated virtual experience.


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