Connect Teams & Share Knowledge

Sharing information within your team and across teams is key to elevating performance. AIMeCAST streamlines communications provides a go-to hub for content and resources and unlocks peer knowledge to connect your organization.


On-Demand Multimedia Content

Go beyond team calls and meetings with audio, video, and a range of other files distributed on-demand. On-demand content provides the flexibility to reach your audience seamlessly. For example:

  • Send out weekly or even daily updates to align priorities and project statuses.

  • Archive webinars and calls for team members who missed the live event or want to revisit it.

  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts and coordination across time zones, letting your audience tune in at their convenience.

A Hub for Communications and Resources

Curate a portal of resources, including content uploaded to AIMeCAST or linked to other platforms and sites you already use. This one-stop-shop takes advantage of your investments in other platforms and makes it easy for your audience to find relevant content no matter where it resides.

Crowdsource Knowledge & Break Down Silos

Unlock peer learning, providing a forum for sharing ideas and best practices. In addition to enhancing communications within a team, you can promote cross-team sharing. Cross-pollination of ideas leads to innovation and helps teams better support each other and work towards common goals. You have detailed control over who in the organization can access your content.

Expedite On-Boarding New Team Members & Archive Corporate Knowledge

It can take months for a new employee to be brought up to speed. On the flip side, knowledge is lost forever when team members move. AIMeCAST helps new team members ramp up so they can start contributing faster. Our platform also lets you archive team knowledge so a business can progress even after key members leave.

Gather Feedback & Generate Insights

AIMeCAST goes way beyond top-down communication, promoting middle-out and bottom-up transfer of knowledge so the best ideas get shared to all. Create a pipeline to help your teams iterate towards improved products and services, and don’t let key ideas get lost in the middle of your organization.


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