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Supply Chain Team Elevates Customer Successes and Leadership through Podcasts

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Key Insights

●     Time-starved employees can be over-saturated with the volume of communications that come at them daily at J&J.  

●     Podcasts focused on customer engagement stories and J&J leadership to bring to life the mutual benefits being realized between J&J and health systems.  

●     Users grew by 400%, and engagement increased by 80%.


Johnson & Johnson Gets Focused to Drive Podcast Listenership

Keeping 130,000 employees engaged isn’t easy.  People find it challenging to cut through all of the clutter of email and intranet content as it comes at them daily.  But a small group within J&J starting thinking about a new way to communicate with employees.  

Knowing how popular podcasts were becoming, a small group started a J&J podcast platform.  They wanted to have an option to engage employees differently, and allow them to consume content when it was right for them.  

With the powerful analytics capabilities of AIMeCAST, the company had a way to track engagement. They just needed someone to lead.

Easy-to-Consume Content that People Wanted

JimHaney is the Director of Supply Chain Customer Solutions. When Supply ChainCustomer Solutions g him the reins on its podcast platform, Jim saw the opportunity to tell the stories of the work his team was doing and how it benefitted customers. However, he was well aware of the need to make sure the content was compelling enough to bring listeners in, and keep them coming back.  

“With the intense volume of communications coming through Johnson & Johnson, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter,” remarks Jim.

To stand out with relevant, intriguing content, Jim featured podcasts with customers and company leaders.

“When you engage a customer or leader through a podcast, they open up a bit more than they would in a normal meeting. It allows for a deeper, broader conversation, where you get a much better sense of their personality and outlook on the business.”

The team believed these types of guests would attract listeners across a range of business partners. As it turns out, they were right.

With the increased internal promotion, Listenership increased as more podcasts were recorded. There was now a casual, conversational, new avenue for employees to access information.

Improving Connectivity and Communications

Four months after Jim’s team started their channel on the J&J podcast platform, the impact was undeniable. User growth had surged by 400%, with an 80% growth in engagement.

While Jim's department is customer-facing, it is not a revenue-generating group, which makes it vital to articulate the benefits his team drives to key partners across the organization.

"I think that's where the podcast platform has really helped us, as it reinforced, communicated, and exposed a broader group of stakeholders to the work we do, the benefits we offer, and how we directly impact our customer experience."

In Year 1 (2018), listeners clocked up a total viewing time of 48 hours. By Year 3 (2020), the total hours played had increased to 552 hours.

Over time, the platform has created a new layer of connectivity and exposure that didn't exist before at Johnson & Johnson. Ultimately, it has paved the way for a deeper understanding of how the Supply Chain Customer Solutions group works with customers, what those customer challenges and needs are, and how mutually beneficial operational efficiencies can result.  

"What's really gratifying is when I get positive feedback from people that I didn't directly target or expect to engage the content. I love it when they reach out to me and tell me how much they enjoyed the latest podcast episode," beams Jim.

The Future: Focus on Educating a Growing Audience

Reaching the broadest audience possible will continue to be one of our goals.  There are still many J&J employees who aren’t even aware J&J has a podcast platform.  

“We live in an era where time is our most precious commodity. “I want to bring our listeners things that they walk away with, thinking that was 20 or 30 minutes of my time well spent,” asserts Jim.

Final Takeaway

Jim knew the platform had the potential to cut through the clutter and solve the typical issues people at a large organization have when it comes to engaging content. The stories from customers and leaders brought a relatable feel to the show, making it possible for people across departments to get on board.

“Podcasts are much more personable and much better at telling stories, bringing things to life, and making things real, and I think that's a really important thing, especially when we're working in our virtual world.”

Johnson & Johnson continues to explore ways of taking the podcast platform to the next level. The team is always thinking about the user experience, the visuals, the navigation, and how easy it is to access the content. And, of course, the metrics that allow the team to evaluate the impact.

“AIMeCAST has listened to our needs and has been very responsive, evolving the platform where they can to reflect what we’ve been trying to accomplish,” explains Jim.

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