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DB Schenker Podcasts Improving Information Sharing

Key Insights

  • A global leader in supply chain management can’t afford to let poor internal communication or organization become a problem.
  • Podcasts with shorter segments of customized and relevant information enable listeners in the procurement space to access easily digestible content, whether they're at home or work. More listeners have joined and engaged in company communications since the C-suite endorsed the AIMeCAST platform.
  • Within a few months of launching, the average completion rate for the podcast content hit 74%, showing a clear preference for the short-form audio content. 


DB Schenker: Short Podcasts to Ease Information Sharing and Engagement

When it comes to running successful international logistics and shipping operations, communication is paramount. Massive global enterprises rely heavily on streamlined supply chains. If people don't get the correct information, it can cause significant problems.

DB Schenker is a world leader in supply chain management, specializing in third-party logistics and procurement solutions for air, land, and sea freight. 

With 72,000 employees globally, the company needed a better way to engage its employees, particularly in the Americas region.

A Pilot Platform With Global Goals

Walter Luizaga is the head of procurement for the Americas, managing client contracts for companies from Canada down to South America. He explained how DB Schenker was struggling with a lack of proper engagement and communication. As a result, the teams were at different stages of procurement maturity within the region. 

"For us to be able to resonate with all of those teams, we needed something more than email," explains Walt. “It would act as a quick source of information, but it could also be a source of training and something that could get more people involved.”

“I posed this challenge to AIMeCAST, explaining how we’re struggling in terms of reach, engagement, and talking to our teams,” recalls Walt.

With AIMeCAST’s expertise in multimedia platforms for corporate communications, Walt felt confident that this channel could work well for DB Schenker. 

"The initial idea was to pilot this in the Americas. If this is successful, then we can evaluate it as a global procurement function and roll it out across the international organization," explains Walt.

Tailoring Content for Listeners At Home

Since the platform went live in January 2021, Walt and his team have done a few guest interviews with senior management figures, both at DB Schenker and external companies. Besides the interviews, Walt quickly identified another successful form of content for the podcast.

"One of the things that we try to do every week is to get something out there that is short, easy to listen to, and doesn't require a lot of effort. And of course, it must be something that resonates with listeners."

This focus on short content snippets for anybody interested in procurement offered a low barrier to entry for new listeners.

"People are not commuting now. Many people are at home, so they may not have time for a full-blown podcast like they would in a car. Now, these short bursts make more sense."

Facing Internal Competition (and Support)

The new podcast platform is not the only game in town. Across the enterprise, many employees use a range of different channels to access content and valuable information about DB Schenker. 

“There are other podcast series on different platforms in the organization. Immediately, we realized the main challenge was to figure out how we can differentiate ourselves.”

Walt and his team want this new platform to become the dominant force, attracting listeners from all over the business to a central hub for communications and learning. 

With this goal in mind, the team is evaluating their new platform against the other internal channels to devise a growth strategy. Thankfully, they had a champion in the C-suite.

"Our CIO was the one who sent some communication to the rest of the organization, encouraging people to listen to the podcast." 

Valuable Content That’s Easy to Access and Consume

While the team at DB continues to focus on content creation and develop their engagement strategy using their platform, the reception so far has been inspiring.  

The average completion rate across all audio episodes is 74%, indicating a high engagement for the content to date. Notably, this rate surged by 53% in less than three weeks. Senior figures at AIMeCAST believe this growth is a direct result of the focus on shorter content and better content delivery.

After a few months, Walt asserts that the team has already accomplished his first goal of improving the ease of information sharing throughout the organization. 

“It's been well-received. I would say the second goal of the global strategy is on track,” claims Walt.

For the platform to go global, they need to demonstrate the pilot program is a viable proof of concept. They have a vision of making valuable information easy to access and providing more interesting content, like thought leadership interviews.

“I think we have a distinct advantage over what's currently out there, in comparison to quarterly updates by our CEO or anything on the other channels people use.”

Final Takeaway

While the podcast platform at DB Schenker is still in its infancy, the early growth is promising. Walt points out that having the platform is a crucial first step, and it’s possible to deliver quick results when your team follows through with the content.

“The challenge is always who is going to develop that content. People are time-constrained. If you don’t have a good pipeline built, you better do it quickly.”

Thankfully, AIMeCAST offers coaching on content production and a user-friendly platform with excellent support and accessibility, which helps companies like DB Schenker get up and running when they are finding their feet with a new internal podcast.

“It was good to reach out to someone to say, ‘I forget how to do this. Show me.’ From that standpoint, it's been great.”

Are you ready to use podcasting to ease information sharing across your company? Get in touch to see how AIMeCAST can help.


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