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Key Insights

  • In a massive, multi-billion dollar organization, sustainable growth can be a challenge as sales teams struggle to access valuable information.
  • Podcasts provide sales reps with easy, on-demand access to the organization’s vast subject matter expertise, helping them become more engaged, knowledgeable, and effective in their roles.
  • The platform grew to 20,000 active listeners within 18 months, with 50 different departments using it to accelerate and streamline communications.



Johnson & Johnson: Giving Sales Reps the Knowledge and Confidence to Grow the Company

When sales teams struggle to communicate value to customers properly, even the biggest companies can stumble. 

At organizations like Ethicon, there are vast troves of inherent subject matter expertise. The problem, however, is that many enterprises struggle to bucket, funnel, and share this rich, diverse collective knowledge. 

By turning to innovation, you can offer invaluable support for the thousands of sales professionals—and other employees—in your enterprise. 

Also, you can improve onboarding by giving new employees easy access to a central knowledge repository. Luckily, J&J had someone with the vision to bring this idea into reality. 

Seeing the Potential of Podcasting to Educate and Engage

In 2015, Jasper Daniel was a Senior Manager of the Global Strategic Marketing team at Ethicon. Before moving from Singapore to the U.S. office, Jasper discovered a series of podcast interviews featuring the stories of physicians, sales directors, and patients. 

“It was such a rich experience going through all of those podcasts,” recalled Jasper, "Before I started the role, it enabled me to get comfortable with the ways the different stakeholders think. It made the transition a lot easier."

Soon after the move, Jasper searched the company's podcast platform for interesting content about immunology and gastroenterology. Coming up empty-handed, he saw a real problem. 

“It's almost like you're starting from scratch in an area where most people have 15-20 years of experience and knowledge.” 

Sales specialists are often on their feet, getting little time to sit down in front of a computer to engage in any content.  Jasper recognized the convenience of podcasting's on-demand nature, allowing him to soak up valuable knowledge when it suited him, whether he was running or 

making coffee. He felt J&J could do more to help sales reps by leveraging this medium. 

 “What if we could give people the ability to share best practices, pass on legacy learnings across the world, throughout all departments?” asked Jasper, “This approach helps create greater confidence in the knowledge of the products and procedures, which translates to more confident face-time with customers.”

After connecting with some people who were using podcasting for internal audiences, Jasper brought key decision-makers at J&J and AIMeCAST together to see if they could do something similar. With that, the idea for the JFLIX podcast was born.

Grassroots Growth to Drive Content Creation

At J&J, podcasting was just one more channel within an omnichannel approach. While the team knew it had immense potential, there was a stumbling block in the beginning.

“We didn't have it on our job descriptions to go create podcasts or run a podcasting platform,” smiles Jasper.

The leadership at J&J wasn't driving the platform's promotion, however, management gave Jasper and his team freedom to experiment—even though they weren't sure how to start.

"If there is a roadmap or playbook on how to go about creating something new out of nothing, across different teams like this, I'd love to see it," he jokes, “I think the biggest challenge was not even knowing who to ask. Where do you get permission from?”

Turning to a grassroots approach, they used word-of-mouth to build engagement throughout the company. Before long, the podcast had loyal advocates and listenership figures spiked. 

“As listeners came on board, they also happened to be interested in creating their own content,” explains Jasper, “That really got the wheels rolling!”

Meeting People’s Needs With Meaningful Content

"Within a year, we went from zero episodes, zero channels, zero departments to 50 different departments across J&J. Literally hundreds of episodes,” recalls Jasper.

There was a 340% increase in channel episode views in one year.

While the growing listenership figures offered validation for their efforts, Jasper asserts that the team cares more about meaningful content creation. By focusing on creating and distributing relevant, practical content, he believes it offers greater value.  

“There was a real need to reach key stakeholders internally. Now, I think it's genuinely addressing that need. It's really inspiring.”

Final Takeaway

Jasper has since changed roles to become the Director of Global commercial strategy for Janssen, which focuses on biochemistry and pharmacology. Looking back on his time at Ethicon, he points to the grassroots initiative as instrumental in driving the platform's success in such a short space of time.

"I think when you address a real, meaningful need in an elegant way, people talk about it. Word-of-mouth, for me, is still the most effective way of communicating your ideas."

He also acknowledges how the AIMeCAST team was so flexible throughout, offering support with content creation and an intuitive, secure platform that made it possible to reach 20,000 active listeners within 18 months.

"The power of the platform is to connect professionals, enabling people to tap into that knowledge and distribute it across the organization."

Are you ready to use podcasting to share knowledge across your company? Get in touch to see how AIMeCAST can help.


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