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Engaging Corporate Content
(No, that's not an oxymoron)

Since using our platform to publish multimedia podcasts, our enterprise clients have seen a huge rise in employee engagement on the platform.  Each podcast episode that team members create sparks conversations and new relationships within the company.

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Average growth in monthly viewership from Year 1 to Year 3


Average growth in active users from Year 1 to Year 3


Average growth in engagement time from Year 1 to Year 3
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The platform

All of Your Company’s Content on One Secure Platform

Email isn’t the only way you can communicate with your team.
The AIMeCAST platform enables you to upload multimedia content on a branded app, tailored to your enterprise.

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Broadcast News

Ditch the email blasts and
broadcast updates via audio and video podcasts and PDFs

Peer Learning

Publish interviews of leaders and colleagues sharing important insights

Improve Content

Powerful analytics dashboard that lets you measure what resonates

24/7 On-Demand Access

Employees can access important content anytime on any device


No Need to Take Our Word for It

Target the Right Customers

“The efficiency of our communication was amplified exponentially...It was so much easier to target customers that were driving business and interested in growing. It was there right in front of us.”

Hamish Thrum

Senior Director

Bring Colleagues Together

“The main purpose for my podcast is to educate reps but also to bring them together and let them hear from each other. They’d rather hear from each other as opposed to somebody who doesn’t ‘carry the bag’”

Rae Inafuku

Manager, North America Commercial Education
DePuy Synthes

Share Experiences

"Reps have a platform to engage and talk to each other and share experiences on a much faster basis than before...Having a live conversation with a rep is more of a personal touch vs just reading an email. The interviews start with personal touch points so you connect more through the podcast vs before when it was very formal.”

Bacem Georges

Senior Manager, Worldwide Commercial Education
DePuy Synthes

A Bridge Between Departments

“When we build a bridge between central organization and all the branches [using AIMeCAST], the opportunity for us to gain insights from those who are closest to customers allows us to build better products.

Jasper Daniel

Senior Manager Global Strategic Marketing

How it works

Create Content from Your Phone
and Share it With Your Department in Minutes

Step 1

AIMeCAST develops a branded app tailored to your company needs

Step 2

Create channels and series on the platform to organize content

Step 3

Create content and upload it to the app and share it with your team.

Step 4

Collect feedback through polls, surveys, and an analytics dashboard

robust analytics

Create Better Content
that Your Colleagues Love

Generate reports that give you insights on how to improve content and increase engagement.

You can track everything from

When people stop watching an episode
Viewership over time
Number of Users reached
Number of downloads
Surveys, Polls, comments

Get Feedback from Colleagues

Attach surveys, polls, or allow comments on each podcast that gets published. Colleagues can share their thoughts on any piece of content to drive discussion or post comments on public forums.

Customer access

Elevate the Brand

Give customers access to content specifically for external use.  It's a more efficient way to reach customers and build a community around your content.

Intuitive organization

A Wealth of Knowledge is 2 Clicks Away

The days of digging through your inbox to find that key bit of information internal communications sent last week are gone! Content is organized and easy to find with our search feature.


Seamlessly Fits in With Your Workflow

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Access live zoom calls from within the platform or archive the recordings for on-demand access
Access external websites and links from within the platform
A complete content hub that can link to content on other platforms and company intranet pages

Tips & Trends in the Podcasting World

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